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Each year, KVC Hospitals helps thousands of people struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, and suicidal thoughts. Over the last fiscal year, we cared for our clients in many ways:

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New Children’s Psychiatric Treatment Center in Wichita, Kansas

Innovation, Education and Compassionate Care

KVC Hospitals ImpactConnecting with Children as a Mental Health Nurse

KVC Hospitals provides psychiatric treatment for youth struggling with depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges. Take a look at how Farrah Hendrix, a mental health nurse at KVC Hays Hospital, engages and connects with youth to help them heal from childhood trauma.


KVC Hospitals Impact

The Brain Isn’t Just Born, It’s Built

At KVC Hospitals, we use neuroscience-based treatment resources to help youth develop a foundation for a healthy future. Read our blog to understand the impacts of toxic stress, positive and negative interactions, and emotion regulation.


KVC Hospitals Impact

KVC Hospitals Wichita Opens, Expanding Access to Children’s Mental Health Services in Kansas

KVC Hospitals has opened a new children’s psychiatric treatment center in Wichita, KS to provide more access to mental health services for children and families in Sedgwick County and surrounding communities.