Psychiatric Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment programs provide children and adolescents the opportunity to receive intensive clinical services in a structured environment while attending an accredited educational center and living within a KVC residential program. The residential setting allows children and adolescents to engage in treatment and learn new skills through individual and family therapy in a safe and supportive environment.


During the program, children and adolescents receive educational experiences through:

  • Accredited on-site school
  • Animal-assisted therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Recreation therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Let’s MOVE (Motivate Ourselves Via Expression) dance group
  • Challenge course
  • Horticulture therapy
  • Equine-assisted therapy

We ensure compassionate and effective care through the use of timely, individualized treatment planning in collaboration with the child, his/her family, and the community. Children and adolescents in the program receive:

  • Psychiatric care and medication management
  • Individual, family and group therapy services
  • Case coordination services
  • Full medical assessment upon admission
  • Support and supervision from our trained staff
  • Innovative programming to improve emotion regulation, behavior management, and pro-social skills

The primary goal of our program is to use a comprehensive assessment to design an intensive plan of care to stabilize the child, improve the ability to regulate emotions, develop cognitive processing skills and prepare necessary community resources to support the child or adolescent when he/she returns home.

What to Expect During Residential Treatment


Your admission to KVC will likely include initial assessments and introductions to your new program. Once on your new program you will:

  • Be assigned a room
  • Be oriented and receive information about the program
  • Begin attending groups and activities as soon as possible

First few days

Your first few days will include various meetings and planning sessions. Please be prepared to meet with a:

  • Therapist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Pediatrician or medical doctor
  • Nutritionist (if needed)
  • Nurse

During your stay at KVC

Everyone at KVC is expected to be safe, trustworthy, accountable and respectful of themselves, others and the environment. Here are few daily activities you will participate in during your stay:

  • Staff members are available 24 hours a day to help you process through difficult emotions and find resolution for any concerns.
  • Children are allowed to receive and make outgoing phone calls from approved contacts
  • Groups are provided throughout the day including; education, emotion regulation, behavior management, nursing, social skills and conflict resolution
  • You will meet with your therapist regularly to participate in individual, group and family therapies
  • You will be provided daily opportunities for recreation and exercise
  • Nurses are available 24 hours a day to address any medical concerns or issues with medication
  • Treatment teams meet weekly to discuss progress, the possibility of therapeutic passes and develop post-discharge resources
  • You will be enrolled in KVC Academy, expected to attend school on school days and receive credits for the work you complete


To help your child be successful after his or her stay at KVC, the treatment team will work with you to identify and coordinate follow-up care in your home community. When possible, we will help schedule these appointments prior to your child’s discharge, in order to guarantee your child has access to the necessary resources upon returning home. Aftercare services might include individual therapy, family therapy/education, specialized educational services, medication management, psychosocial/supportive groups, substance abuse treatment, attendant care and/or case management services.