Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment

KVC Hospitals is taking many precautions to keep our clients and employees healthy and safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Click here to learn about the policies we have implemented.

KVC Hospitals provides inpatient acute treatment for youth ages 6-18 who are experiencing depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, impacts of trauma, and other behavioral and mental health challenges. Youth receive education and skill-building to learn how to identify and control their emotions and have the opportunity to practice emotion-regulating exercises with our highly-trained staff.

Our goal is for each child to safely return home with the resources and supports in place to live a healthy and happy life in their community.


Acute Treatment Includes:

  • Full medical, clinical, and nursing assessment within the first 24 hours of admission
  • Intensive psychiatric care and medication management
  • Individual, family and group therapy sessions
  • Case coordination
  • 24/7 Support and supervision from our skilled nursing staff
  • Innovative treatment and education to teach youth about their brains and how to regulate their emotions

What to Expect During Admission

A KVC Hospitals professional will greet you upon arrival and work with you to complete the admissions process. During this process, KVC will:

  • Ask parents/guardians to complete a set of forms, providing consents and contact information
  • Provide education about the treatment program and our highly-trained staff
  • Assign the client a bedroom
  • Integrate the client into therapeutic activities as soon as possible

Parents/guardians are also given an Admissions Handbook with detailed information about our services, facilities, program schedules, and policies for phone calls and visits with your child.

What to Expect at Discharge

To help ensure your child’s continued success after their stay at KVC Hospitals, our treatment team will work with you to create a discharge/aftercare plan and coordinate follow-up care in your home community. We believe that aftercare and follow up services are essential to your child’s sustained progress, and when possible, we will help schedule these appointments.

Aftercare services might include individual therapy, family therapy/education, specialized educational services, medication management, psychosocial/supportive groups, substance use treatment, attendant care and/or case management services.

Complete this form to make a referral to one of our acute treatment centers or contact our Admissions team via phone at (913) 890-7468 or email

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