Treatment Overview

psychiatric treatmentKVC Hospitals is taking many precautions to keep our clients and employees healthy and safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Click here to learn about the policies we have implemented.

KVC Hospitals provides compassionate, expert inpatient acute and residential psychiatric treatment to youth ages 6 to 17 who are experiencing behavioral and mental health challenges. As an industry leader in psychiatric treatment, we provide an array of innovative programs to help youth achieve mental health wellness through psychiatric, medical, therapeutic, and educational services as well as emotion regulation and social skills development.

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The clients we serve are often struggling with:

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Treatment Overview

Whether a child is receiving inpatient or residential treatment, they will receive the following:

  • Full medical, clinical and nursing assessment
  • Psychiatric evaluation and medication management (if medication is needed)
  • Individual, family and group therapy sessions
    • Individual therapy: Our licensed therapists help youth identify and understand their challenges, and learn new skills to deal with stress.
    • Family therapy: As a vital aspect of treatment, therapists help your family improve communication, enhance your family’s ability to help your child, and provide a better understanding of mental health issues and behavioral concerns.
    • Group therapy: In traditional or expressive therapy sessions like art, music or recreation, our therapists work with a group of clients to improve social skills, enhance coping skills and strengthen communication.
  • Care coordination
  • Support and supervision from our trained nursing staff
  • Innovative treatment and education to teach youth about their brains and how to regulate their emotions

Treatment Goals

psychiatric treatment

Treatment goals are always individualized to meet the unique needs of each client and typically include:

  • Identify and resolve the immediate crisis leading to aggressive and/or self-destructive behaviors
  • Identify and strengthen resources to support healthy development and ongoing safe behavior
  • Improve emotion regulation, communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Organize services and community resources to support a timely discharge to a less restrictive environment

Treatment Reviews

Our treatment teams collaborate with the youth, their families and community members to guarantee a safe and well-planned discharge. We are also committed to identifying continuing aftercare services to help cultivate the successful reintegration of children into their homes and the long-term wellness of the family system.