Neuroscience-Based Treatment


KVC Hospitals’ Neuroscience-Based Initiative for Healthy Brain Development

At KVC Hospitals, we focus on ensuring all children have the ability to develop healthy brains. Our programs, treatment, and innovations are built upon strengthening a brain’s architecture through positive interactions. Find out more about the programs we’re developing and the neuroscience-based initiative in the resources below.

Learning Lab

KVC Hospitals uses multiple treatment approaches to help children understand their own brains, actions, and responses to situations. In the Learning Lab, children and teens utilize various activities to strengthen their brains.

Emotion Regulation

The ability to manage our emotions, remain calm and overcome tough situations is often the result of brain development in early childhood. The extent to which our childhood was healthy and supportive — or not — can affect a child or teen’s level of physiological brain development and our ability to handle life’s challenges long into adulthood. In the Learning Lab, Emotion Regulation (ER) drills are often used to help develop skills to better manage emotions.


The Learning Lab at KVC Hospitals

The Learning Lab

The MakerSpace for Social Innovation is an activity for KVC Hospitals employees to create tools and activities that they can use during their work with children and teens in care to help educate, connect and learn about the brain. The tools and activities created are all founded in science around topics like brain architecture, serve and return, toxic stress, executive function, and resilience. Learn more here.

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