Leadership and Staff

KVC Hospitals Leadership

Robert Eklofe, MHSA


Kimberly O’Connor-Soule, LSCSW

Vice President of Clinical Advancement

James M. Roberson, LMSW

Vice President of Behavioral Health Services

Vishal Adma, MD, MS, CMQ

Medical Director

Anh Vinh, MD

Director of Integrated Services

Frederick A. Watts, LCSW, LSCSW

Senior Clinical Consultant

Annmarie Arensberg, LCSW, LSCSW

Director of Clinical Operations

Pete Barndollar

Director of Human Resources

Bailey Bennett

Director of Nursing

Karyn Finn

Director of Community Relations

Blythe Hinderliter, MBA

Director of Marketing and Communications

Eric Marley

Senior Financial Reporting Analyst

Sara B. Schlagel, LSCSW

Director of Program and Staff Development

Medical Staff

Jyotsna Adma, MD

Child Psychiatrist
Dr. Sirnivasa Panuganti KVC Wheatland Hospital

Dr. Srinivasa Panuganti


Raghu Reddy, MD


Melissa Barkemeyer, APRN

Advance Practice Registered Nurse

Jamie Lambotte, APRN

Psychiatric Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

KVC Hospitals Kansas City

Bailey Bennett

Director of Nursing

Brynn Fowler, LMSW

Director of Administration

Brittany Kroeger, LSCSW

Clinical Director

KVC Hospitals Wichita

Juston White

Executive Director

Katrina Lauer

Director of Nursing

Erin Connelly Marceau, LSCSW

Clinical Director

KVC Hospitals Hays

Audrey Lindenmeyer, MLS

Program Director

Taylor Ziegler, RN

Director of Nursing Services

Sarah Berens, LMSW

Associate Clinical Director

KVC Niles

Phillip E. Caldwell Sr.

Associate Director of Program Services

Christina Reynolds, LCSW, LSCSW

Associate Director of Clinical Services

Lindsey Russell, MS, EdS

Niles Prep School Administrator