Experiential Learning Programs

IMG_0242Animal-Assisted Therapy

Certified therapy canines help provide youth with lessons about attachment, trauma, and self-regulation while providing healthy opportunities to give and receive nurturing.


KVC Hospitals art therapyArt Therapy

Utilizing arts and crafts as a means for therapeutic expression allows youth to use their creativity to overcome emotional and social skill deficits.


KVC Hospitals challenge courseChallenge Course Teambuilding

KVC Hospitals Kansas City maintains a fully accredited ropes course used to give children and adolescents opportunities to gain self-awareness and courage while building trust and teamwork skills.


KVC Hospitals equine assisted therapyEquine-Assisted Therapy

Learning how to care for and ride a horse promotes a youth’s confidence and self-awareness. Equine-assisted therapy also teaches youth work ethic skills, responsibility, and communication.


KVC Hospitals horticultural therapyHorticulture Therapy

Prepping, planting and monitoring the many flowers, plants, and vegetables are grown on campus teaches youth how to connect to the environment in a way that builds relaxation, focus and improves overall wellbeing.


Dance Therapy at KVC Prairie Ridge HospitalLet’s MOVE (Motivate Ourselves Via Expression) dance group

Youth receiving treatment discover their strengths through dance thanks to a partnership with the Kansas School of Classical Ballet and Netsmart. Dance therapy allows youth to use movement to boost self-esteem, self-awareness and express his or her feelings.


KVC Hospitals music therapyMusic Therapy

Music can help youth gain confidence, demonstrate control and discover different types of communication by using instruments including guitars and tambourines.


Virtual Reality

The VR sessions used in behavioral treatment facilitate new approaches to meditation, an exploration of different environments and landscapes, and art and expression therapy. Youth can create personalized pathways to allow them to visit a place in virtual reality where they feel safe or happy.


KVC Hospitals voyagers programThe Voyages Program

The Voyages program at KVC Hospitals Hays provides youth with a variety of engaging and educational experiences. Through field trips, guest speakers, special projects and activities, youth gain awareness about life and how to take control of their personal success.


Niles Gardens and Markets

The no-till garden and Niles Garden Market offer a connection between nutrition, the brain and good health. Youth, staff, and volunteers work together to plant and harvest a plentiful supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. The garden, water garden, and gazebo are integral to academic instruction and therapeutic intervention at Niles. The Niles Garden Market is managed and operated by Niles youth under the guidance of our urban gardener. It serves as an outlet for youth participants to sell produce to the community while developing entrepreneurial and customer relations skills. The Niles Garden Market also increases community access to low-cost, organically grown foods. Through a partnership with the Housing Authority of Kansas City, Missouri, Niles developed a new community garden and garden market at the Clymer Community Center.


Transitional Living Skills

Therapists at our sister organization, KVC Niles, provide transitional living services for youth preparing to exit Niles or who have recently aged out of the foster care system. Services assist youth with strengthening life-skills and applying behavior management skills in the “real world” after leaving Niles. Transitional living services assist clients with social and health needs. The establishment of a service plan and referrals to other community-based services are set up. Wrap-around referral services connect youth and families with basic essential needs related to housing, education, and transportation.