Consultation & Training

As part of our mission to improve the lives of children, families and communities, KVC Hospitals provides a wide array of consultation and training services in topics related to children’s services and mental health. These partnerships guide the development of healthy systems of care through the sharing of innovative, best practice and evidence-based services.

KVC Hospitals provides consultation and training in:


  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Therapeutic Milieu-Based Care
  • Hospital Administration and Leadership
  • School-Based Behavioral Health and the Development of Safe and Supportive Schools
  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention
  • Emotion Regulation Development Tools for Children and Adolescents

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Recent Projects

Developing Safe and Supportive Schools

hospitalsconsult2KVC Hospitals partners with local school districts to develop innovative approaches to support the behavioral health needs of their students and ensure every student is able to reach their potential in a safe and supportive educational environment.

Trauma-Informed Care Training and Consultation

KVC Hospitals has provided over 100 hours of trauma-informed care training and consultation over the past year to a wide variety of providers including; school districts, residential programs, government entities, child welfare organizations, administrative/executive groups, charitable organization, churches, philanthropy groups, psycho-social programs, adult mental health providers and other human service organizations. Our goal in providing training and consultation is to increase the awareness of trauma and its impact on children and adults in our communities.

Therapeutic Milieu Based Care

It is our belief that children grow best in homes, but some circumstances may require milieu based or residential care. KVC Hospitals is an industry leader in reducing length of stay and recidivism for children in residential care. KVC Hospitals provides consultation and training to local, national and international organizations seeking to utilize residential care more effectively to gain therapeutic change and prepare children for a healthy return to their home communities.

Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Suicide is the third leading cause of death for children 11-18 and has risen drastically in our region over the past four years. KVC Hospitals has several certified Suicide Prevention trainers that provide education to local schools, residential programs, mental health service providers, churches and other child serving organizations on how to identify, assess and respond to children and adolescents struggling with suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

Emotion Regulation Development Tools

hospitalsconsult3All children, especially those with behavioral health needs and/or exposure to trauma, require caregivers and service providers to support healthy development of self-regulation skills. Emotion Regulation Development Tools can be utilized to build children’s capacity to cope with stressful and painful experiences through fun and engaging activities. KVC provides several innovative tools that can be used in homes, schools, residential programs, psycho-social groups and other child serving organizations to encourage environments that promote the development of healthy relaxation, emotion regulation and emotion-focused problem solving skills.