COVID-19 Prevention at KVC Hospitals

At KVC Hospitals, the safety and wellbeing of the children we serve, their families, and our employees are our first priorities. As the situation around COVID-19 continues to rapidly evolve, we will continue enhancing our policies and precautions for reducing the risk of exposure in our treatment centers. We follow hospital and healthcare mitigation standards as set by the CDC and OSHA which require more thorough and strenuous practices for infection control than community-based standards

Two years into the pandemic, several studies have been conducted worldwide and we know more about the virus, vaccine efficacy, and safety measures proven to prevent severe disease. KVC continues to adapt scientifically proven processes that keep our clients, employees and communities safe.

We continue to monitor information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local and state health departments. We monitor community transmission rates and variants and work quickly to adjust our risk of exposure accordingly while minimizing disruption to the imperative services we provide for children and families.

KVC Hospitals’ COVID-19 Preventative Measures

We are adhering to the following policies to keep our clients and employees safe:

  • We strongly encourage family involvement throughout the treatment process but as part of our goal to keep our clients safe, we adjust visitation schedules based on current community transmission levels. We accommodate those who are immunocompromised or at greater risk due to health conditions by utilizing telehealth/video capabilities to conduct family therapy and visits.
  • We continue to conduct a thorough daily screening process with each employee, client, and visitor using the most current CDC guidelines.
  • New potential clients undergo a COVID-19 screening process prior to admission.
  • Our housekeeping department is using disinfectants approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that specifically target the Coronavirus family.
  • For children receiving treatment in our psychiatric residential treatment facilities (PRTFs), we will continue to evaluate our community outings to reduce the risk of exposure. We conduct weekend passes based on current community transmission rates.
  • We will continue to provide extensive education to our employees and clients about COVID-19 and healthy hygiene habits that prevent spreading.
  • We will continue to monitor volunteer activities, tours, and other activities that create opportunities for exposure to COVID-19 at our treatment centers.
  • If a PRTF client tests positive while in our care, the child’s treatment team will quickly determine the safest way for the child to continue receiving mental health treatment as well as treatment for COVID-19.

Admissions & Referrals

At this time, we are continuing to accept new admissions for inpatient acute hospitalization and psychiatric residential treatment in Kansas and Missouri. Click here to find a location near you or call our Admissions team at (913) 890-7468.

Become Part of Our Emergency Response Team

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