Diversity and Inclusion

KVC Hospitals strives to employ staff who reflect the rich and diverse culture of the children, families, and communities in which they work. In addition to reflecting diversity, KVC Hospitals also desires to create atmospheres of inclusion where employees, clients, and visitors feel free of judgment and are fully able to receive and provide help to those in need.

We launched a Diversity and Inclusion initiative in January 2019 aimed at assisting in attracting and retaining top talent, while improving employee engagement and enhancing the treatment experience for clients and families.


Our Diversity & Inclusion Mission

Embracing and celebrating you.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Vision

To create diverse and inclusive environments that reflect the communities we serve and where people, ideas, and collaboration will be authentic and flourish.


I’m excited to lead this initiative for KVC Hospitals. Thinking back to my graduate coursework, one of the things I loved most was that no matter the class, there was always a focus on multiculturalism and how the material applied to diverse groups of people. Now, here I am, embarking on my 10th year of employment with KVC and able to lead this much needed initiative for the company I love.

Astra Garner, L.P.C., L.C.P.C., R.P.T.
Vice President, Clinical Advancement

Take a look at the Harvard Implicit Association Test to learn more about your implicit and unconscious biases.