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An Inside Look: Changing Lives With a Career in Children’s Mental Health

At KVC Hospitals, we’re able to create healthy childhoods and communities thanks to the service of our heart-centered professionals who are dedicated to making a positive impact through meaningful connections. If you’re interested in a career in children’s mental health, keep reading to learn how you can change lives every day!

Our team at KVC is looking for nurses, behavioral health technicians, therapists, admissions coordinators, administrative team members, program managers, and other professionals to help us continue the important work of empowering children and families. We’re actively hiring for these crucial, life-saving roles and more! Find a list of our open positions here. 

When you work with KVC Hospitals, you give kids hope and healing with individualized mental health treatment, strengthen family relationships, and so much more. But in addition to what you give, there’s plenty for you to gain. Your work each day will make a lasting impact. As you help build kids up, you’ll build your own career too. You’ll enjoy a supportive, encouraging environment, doing front-line work that’s truly fulfilling.

How We Serve: Making A Difference With KVC

Taylor Patzner, career in children's mental health

Taylor P, LMSW, Therapist

Over the past 30 years, we have completed more than 37,000 admissions of youth who are experiencing some of the scariest, most difficult days of their lives. Here at KVC Hospitals, our dedicated team helps children work toward mental health wellness so they can live healthier, happier lives and develop meaningful connections. Our inpatient acute hospitals and residential treatment programs offer modern, safe, and secure environments that encourage positive interactions and creativity. 

What’s it like working with the kids receiving treatment at KVC? Every child is unique and working with children from all different types of backgrounds keeps each day interesting. Taylor P, LMSW, is a Therapist at KVC Hospitals Hays and she enjoys the many wonderful moments she has with each client. In spite of the challenges a career in the children’s mental health field can bring, moments with the youth KVC serves are often full of joy and laughter. 

“Every last one of them just wants to be loved,” Taylor says. “That’s what really keeps me coming back to work here.”  

Sharla M, career in children's mental health

Sharla M, AD of Nursing

KVC team members work closely with adolescent and teenage clients to help them overcome struggles with mental illness by integrating the importance of mental and physical wellness. Sharla M, BSN, RN, is Associate Director of Nursing at KVC Hospitals Wichita and had been a nurse for almost 20 years before joining KVC.

“We get to provide a safe place for the kiddos and then watch them change,” Sharla says. “I really love being able to watch them change and grow.”

While the work is not always easy, it’s always gratifying. For Doug B, Behavioral Health Technician (BHT) at KVC Hospitals Kansas City, working with KVC has brought more smiles and more laughter than he ever expected. As a BHT, Doug works directly with the youth in care each day to teach them coping skills, emotion regulation, and tools for strengthening their resilience.

Doug. career in children's mental health

Doug B, BHT

“I knew there would be some really challenging moments, but I’ve actually found quite a few more happy moments,” Doug says.

“The kids make me laugh so much, and this is very rewarding work.”

A Team That Cares: The Supportive KVC Culture

Across our three treatment locations— in Kansas City, Wichita and Hays — our 450+ team members share a dedication not only to the kids they serve but to their colleagues as well. 

“I really love working with our team,” Sharla says. “They’re extremely supportive. Everybody pulls their own weight and chips in where they need to chip in. It just feels like family.”

Find a fulfilling Career in Children’s Mental HealthWhen things get tough, this connection as a team plays an important part for Taylor. “The culture at KVC is supportive,” she explains. “I can’t express enough how much I feel like I have a supportive boss.”

As co-workers check in on each other every day, Taylor feels a supportive team environment that she notes is special to KVC. “Everyone needs that community,” Taylor adds. “That’s the KVC motto: we all need connection.” 

KVC is committed to safety, offering ongoing training and other support to team members. It’s crucial to our culture. Because employee opinions matter, we have an open-door culture that welcomes feedback, including regular employee engagement surveys. Open pathways of communication make sure our team members have the resources they need to feel supported, so they can deliver the best care possible.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at KVC

In addition to the many benefits our team members enjoy, the shared commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is a driving force of our culture. Doug shares why KVC’s culture is so significant to him personally. “KVC is a diverse workplace, which I find really important. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I wouldn’t want to work in a place that would make me feel less than. And I have never felt that way working here.”

And KVC’s diverse workplace contributes to strong problem-solving as well.

“We all come from different backgrounds,” Sharla reflects. “We’ve all had our own life experiences that make us different people. We put all that together and come up with the best options for our clients. I love being able to do that.”

KVC empowers individuality while working collaboratively. All of our clients come from different backgrounds and lived experiences – just like our team members. Embracing different perspectives, treating every person with compassion and respect, and creating a supportive culture where all people are welcomed are core values in our mission.

By embracing an empathetic, pro-people, anti-racist, inclusive approach, we put our whole hearts into achieving our vision: a world in which every person is connected to inclusive, quality behavioral healthcare and treatment.

A Career with Impact: Become Part of the KVC Team

Considering a career in children’s mental health? Our team members share some advice.

“KVC is a great place for anyone who has a passion for helping people or children,” Taylor says. “If you’re contemplating a job at KVC, hold on to the idea that everything you do here matters.”

Good candidates for work with KVC Hospitals bring passion, commitment, patience and understanding, Sharla says. “Many of our team members know that this is their calling. This is what they’re meant to do. It’s challenging yet rewarding.” 

From nursing to clinical teams and everything in between, Doug notes how this team player approach has made a key impact in his career, helping him grow as a professional. “The people who work here are amazing. There’s so much reward in this career, even in challenging moments. I keep finding that, even on the toughest days,” he says. “I really enjoy the people I work with, and we truly work together as a team.”

Find a fulfilling career in children's mental health

If you’re driven to help people, especially children, this could be an incredible environment to create a positive impact. We are actively hiring for multiple roles across our three campuses. Check out our open jobs to find out how you can make a difference at KVC Hospitals.

The heart of our work is helping people. And that also means offering our employees a robust benefits package that ensures they’re able to care for themselves and their families while they help children in need. Benefits include:

  • Competitive compensation
  • KVC pays 76% of medical insurance costs for employees
  • Free dental insurance
  • Low-cost vision insurance
  • Generous policies for parental leave, paid time off and holidays
  • 403(b) retirement savings plan with 2.5% company match
  • A positive, supportive culture where employee opinions count
  • A strong focus on promoting internally
  • Commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging
  • Fun employee celebrations including meals, parties and casual get-togethers
  • Ongoing training and learning opportunities