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KVC Hospitals Hays Becomes an All-Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF)

Starting October 21, 2019, KVC Hospitals Hays (formerly named KVC Wheatland Hospital) will transition to an all-psychiatric residential treatment facility (PRTF). In making this change, we will be able to provide services to an underserved population of youth in Kansas and nearby rural and frontier areas.

The Increased Need for PRTF Beds in Kansas

There is an urgent need for more PRTF services, with nearly 200 children currently on the waiting list, and KVC Hospitals believes as part of our mission that we can help alleviate the gap in care for this vulnerable population.

By transitioning KVC Hospitals Hays to an all-residential facility, we are adding 38 new PRTF beds to provide a total of 50 PRTF beds. This, along with our commitment to strong clinical service delivery, will allow us to reduce wait times and continue providing life-changing services to the children of western Kansas.


Audrey Lindenmeyer, Program Director of KVC Hospitals Hays“This transition is necessary for the communities we serve. Despite this change in service lines, our team will continue to do what they have always done, deliver the best results possible for the youth in our care.”

Audrey Lindenmeyer, Program Director at KVC Hospitals Hays

In the spirit of doing what is best for children and families, our new 54-bed inpatient hospital in Wichita, KS has opened, allowing us to provide more access to treatment for youth in need of necessary acute psychiatric services. Kansas youth in need of inpatient psychiatric treatment may continue receiving these services at our Wichita and Kansas City, KS children’s psychiatric treatment centers.

Youth receiving inpatient treatment at our hospital in Hays will be able to complete their treatment at that facility until they are ready to discharge and return home.

What is Psychiatric Residential Treatment?

Our Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities (PRTFs) allow youth to transition to a more home-like environment with the support of our trained clinicians and staff. The youth learn and practice new skills and enjoy various community outings while receiving intensive clinical services in a structured environment. They also attend one of our accredited alternative schools for youth in grades K-12. The primary goal of our PRTF programs is to help youth sustain progress once they transition back into their communities.

Our treatment teams primarily achieve progress by improving a youth’s ability to regulate emotions through the use of appropriate and effective coping and social skills. Our work begins by partnering with the youth to complete a comprehensive assessment and develop an individualized treatment plan. We also help prepare the appropriate community partners to support the child when they return home.

About KVC Hospitals

KVC Hospitals is a nonprofit network of children’s psychiatric hospitals and residential treatment facilities in Kansas and Missouri. Each year, we serve thousands of youth ages 6 to 18 who are experiencing depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, childhood trauma, and other mental health needs. Our team combines expert and compassionate psychiatric treatment with neuroscience-based resources to help our clients embrace their full potential, build resilience and thrive.

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