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Challenges and Rewards of Working in a Children’s Psychiatric Hospital [VIDEO]

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For children who are struggling with their mental health, a psychiatric treatment facility can be helpful in learning new coping skills, finding the right medication and healing with therapy. Those who work in a children’s psychiatric hospital know the rewards and challenges that come with helping children and teens overcome behavioral health challenges. This article explains what it’s really like to work in a children’s psychiatric hospital like KVC Hospitals and the impact that every employee can make in helping children.

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Watch this video to hear from real employees on why they applied to KVC and what they like about working with kids.

The Rewards of Helping Youth Heal

For most people, they work because they have to – but working at KVC is different. Seeing the growth in a child from their first day at the hospital to their last is a special kind of feeling. It’s the feeling you get when you see a child’s eyes light up as you discuss goals for the future and you know you’ve made a difference. These small successes where a child learns and reacts in a healthy way are some of the best rewards of helping youth heal at KVC. Each small step leads to life-changing, world-changing successes. That’s what we hope for in each child that needs our support: to be healthy, to engage successfully with others and to be safe. Working to help kids feel better about themselves can also benefit the employees themselves. Employees can feel a sense of purpose, joy, and happiness every single day.

The Challenges Youth Are Working to Overcome

No parent imagines a day when they have to bring their child to a children’s psychiatric hospital. But every day, there are thousands of parents who see their children struggle with defiant or aggressive behavior, severe academic problems, emotional and behavioral health crises, and even inflicting harm on themselves or others.

At KVC, our compassionate staff is eager to help. We view behavioral health disorders through a trauma-informed lens. We know that a youth’s brain development is affected by adverse childhood events. Children who feel toxic stress often experience interruptions in healthy brain development. These traumatic experiences affect the child’s ability to manage emotions and succeed in their homes and communities. Through our residential treatment and acute psychiatric hospitals, we help children and teens strengthen their brains and build resiliency. It’s amazing but true: the brain can change and that changes everything.

Changing a Child’s Life

Therapy sessions at KVC in 2016

Each day, we help kids who don’t want to live, aren’t able to communicate in a healthy way and who are scared and need help. We know that every interaction with those in our care has to be a positive and safe interaction so that they can begin to heal. Children deserve to have healthy and happy childhoods so that they can grow into healthy and happy adults. Our dedicated employees are here to provide these youth with the encouragement and positive relationships to build a brighter tomorrow.

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